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  • Submission Deadline: November 15, 2019
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The Brazilian Association for International Education – FAUBAI – is pleased to announce its 32nd Annual Conference, to be held from April 25th to 29th, 2020 in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. This year’s theme is “Global Learning, Global Citizens.”

The annual FAUBAI conference is the largest and oldest conference in Latin America dedicated to the internationalization of higher education. It gathers each year more than 500 participants from all around the world and established itself as the main event in the area in the region.

We invite submissions of original contributions in areas related to the internationalization of higher education and the management of international affairs, covered by the topics listed below.

For further questions on proposal submissions, please contact us at


The contributions must be submitted to one of three possible tracks:

  • A three hours Pre-Conference Workshop, to be held on Saturday. Up to four workshop proposals will be selected. The organizers of a workshop should inform the objectives, the intended audience and the names of the speakers. The workshop should intend to actively engage the participants, for instance, with hand-outs and interactive activities.
  • A Panel, or Round-table. Each panel will have an allotted time of 1h30. The panels will be held from Monday to Wednesday. We expect the proposals to include three to four panelists, possible with one designated coordinator.
  • An Individual Contribution. These must include at most five co-authors. Only one of them, who must be identified, will present the contribution during the event. The oral presentation will last 15 minutes, with five extra minutes for questions. The individual contributions will be grouped in sessions that will last one hour and a half, according to the specified topics. We expect up to 30 such sessions during the whole event.

The submission is handled electronically. Interested contributors should access Easychair, at the URL: In order to submit a contribution, you need to create a user account in Easychair, if you do not have one already. Once logged in, an electronic, online form in EasyChair will guide the authors and ask them for the appropriate information. All submitted contributions will be peer-reviewed.

The authors of the outstanding submissions will be invited to write extended papers, to be included in the conference electronic proceedings.

Finally, the contributions can have one of three purposes:

  • Sharing best practices. Papers with this profile should intend to illustrate approaches, initiatives, skills and routines that enable efficient management of the issue to share and inspire others. They should be related to one of the topics listed below. The best practices should interest both local, national professionals and international colleagues
  • The academic promotion of a given international initiative (e.g., a project in a consortium). Papers with this intent should justify why their action is of interest for the public in general. Please, beware that “promotion” doesn’t mean “advertisement.” The contributions in this category should not have any commercial intent.
  • An academic-oriented analysis of one of the topics below. The prime objective of the event is not research, but we understand that the professionals engaged in such a new topic as the internationalization of the higher education are interested in an in-depth, scientific analysis of the phenomena that frame their practices.

The format, the presentation, and the possible final publication of the contribution will be independent of the purpose, but the evaluation will change accordingly with the purpose.



  • South – South Cooperation
  • Binational/ Multilateral Cooperation
  • Internationalization of Research
  • Strategic & Sustainable Cooperation
  • Other issues related to this topic


  • South – South Cooperation
  • International Outreach & Social Impact
  • Strategic & Sustainable Cooperation
  • Internationalization in Portuguese/ Spanish
  • Networks and International Associations
  • Other issues related to this topic


  • Internationalization at Home (IaH)
  • Internationalization of Curriculum (IoC)
  • International Mobility
  • Binational Cooperation
  • Language Policy and EMI
  • Global Competences & Interculturality
  • Inclusion and Diversity
  • Virtual Exchange
  • Internationalization and New Technologies
  • Other issues related to internationalization


  • (Management of) International Offices
  • Institutional Policy and Strategies
  • Internationalization Assessment and Indicators
  • Accountability
  • Other issues related to this topic


The 32nd FAUBAI Annual Conference will be held from April 25th to 29th, 2020 in Belo Horizonte, at the Expominas Convention Centre.