Call for Proposals

Submission deadline: February 8, 2019

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Global community engagement” is the theme of the FAUBAI Conference 2019 in Belém, Brazil. The conference shall congregate hundreds of participants and will feature sessions, workshops and several networking opportunities.
The 2019 Conference Committee is seeking proposals that reflect the best thinking in the field, informed by research, best practices, models, discussions of public and institutional policies.

The Committee invites proposals that:
– Stimulate and provoke discussion and audience engagement
– Deliver best practices using approaches for different types of learners
– Present evidence based on or supported by research
– Target new, mid-career, and seasoned professionals
– Use multimedia approaches, including video, audio, etc.

Highlighted topics may include themes that are relevant for the general theme of the conference, including but not limited to:

– Internationalization at Home
– Internationalization of Research
– Internationalization of the Curriculum
– Mobility
– Rankings
– Interculturality
– Language policies
– Sustainable cooperation
– Double degrees
The Committee will select the best submissions in different relevant themes to stimulate discussion of relevant topics. The program will result in a diverse array of presenters and perspectives, including different nationalities, different levels of experience, and a variety of institutional and organizational types. Proposals with presenters from a single institution or multiple institutions will be considered equally.

The official language of the conference is English. Your abstract may be submitted preferably in English but also in Portuguese, Spanish or French.

For further questions on proposal submissions, please contact us at 

I am looking forward to seeing you in Belém!

Leandro R. Tessler
Chair of the Program Committee