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The French framework of Initiatives of Excellence

Monday, 10 April 2017
14:00 - 15:30

D203-204 (30)

Chair: Mauricio S. Baptista, Universidade de São Paulo

In 2010, the French government launched the Investments for the Future scheme to

finance the projects which will shape the France of tomorrow.

A 10-year budget of €22 billion was earmarked for higher education and research, identified

as key priorities. These investments target the creation of some ten world-class clusters of

excellence in higher education and scientific research. One of the major programs selected for

this far-reaching endeavor is the university of Bordeaux Initiative of Excellence (IdEx


Our IdEx was confirmed in April 2016 along with 2 other universities (Marseille and

Strasbourg). A €700 million endowment has then been granted to IdEx Bordeaux.

The IdEx has become the main driving force in the transformation of our university site.

The main achievements of the IdEx are:

The journey to become “a world renowned research institution that promotes academic

freedom, stimulates creativity and drives innovation and leadership that leads the way to

addressing the challenges facing the world” has just begun.

Being ranked among the top universities in France and being internationally renowned for the

quality of academic courses, research and an exceptional quality of life has led the university

of Bordeaux to set up a strategic and prospective plan called “U25”.

This session will propose an overview of the french framework of Initiative of Excellence, and the feedback of one of the first university in France labeled as such.


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