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Expanding Exchange Opportunities in the Americas

Saturday, 8 April 2017
09:30 - 12:30


In recent years, internationalization has become a fundamental part of the strategy for Higher Education Institutions. The Brazilian Government’s “Ciência Sem Fronteiras” program sent more than 100,000 Brazilian students to foreign Higher Education Institutions all over the world. However, the scenario has changed and Higher Education Institutions must rethink their approach to internationalization to stimulate academic mobility and promote new and innovative partnerships.

This workshop is designed to present participants with an overview of the possibilities available to Brazilian and U.S. Higher Education Institutions, encouraging participants to think outside the box when establishing partnerships to promote internationalization. The workshop will be feature a variety of government representatives, Non-Governmental Organizations and university associations who will act as catalysts to de development of new ideas and will provide examples of how to stimulate, leverage, and expand on institutional partnerships and networks that can increase student mobility and cooperation among universities.  During the workshop we will also discuss best practices and success stories of internationalization efforts, such as Ciência Sem Fronteiras, highlighting the strong relationships built, such as the George Washington University Fulbright Chair, and best practices on recruiting international students to Higher Education Institutions. Join this workshop to share your ideas, best practices, and lessons learned. Let us find creative ways to tackle the challenges and promote internationalization in higher education.


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