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Bringing Higher Ed in Brazil on board: inquiries and perceptions at the 2017 TESOL Summit

The TESOL Summit was a two-day conference held February 9-10, 2017 that gathered over 200 delegates from over 50 countries to discuss the Future of the TESOL Profession. They represented different segments in the field: Ministries of Education, Teacher Education Programs, Publishing Houses, Non-Governmental Organizations, Companies and Universities from different parts of the world. The outcome of the Summit envisions the commitment of stakeholders to collaborating on a comprehensive shared vision to guide policy, practice and research in TESOL. For the presentations delivered under the topics of Futurology; English in Multilingualism; Reimagining English Competence; and The Profession as a Change Agent, three guiding principles were considered:

- Equity
Value statement: English as an additional language and should not supplant the home language(s). TESOL occurs in different contexts with varying practices, cultures, and access to resources.
- Professionalism
Value statement: Professional development should promote sustainable, continuous, collaborative, and coherent activities. The focus should be on change and innovation as opposed to academic outputs.
- Inquiry
Value statement: TESOL practice and policy should be inquiry based, with practice informing research as well as research informing practice and policy.

This presentation aims at sharing the issues discussed, the questions raised, as well as brainstorming about these same aspects considering our context in Higher Education in Brazil. Outcomes of the Summit will also be shared.


Helmara Moraes    
US Embassy in Brazil


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