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Midiendo el impacto socio-económico de las universidades y demostrando su rentabilidad

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The crucial role of Higher Education (HE) for the progression of developing countries is widely
acknowledged. Higher Education contributes to their socioeconomic environment and has a direct impact
at different levels (employment, income, tax, etc.). Higher awareness of the benefits and impact obtained
by investments in HE could justify and promote the establishment of more efficient policies, contributing
thus to the development of these regions and countries.
Since 2007, the Valencian Institute for Economic Research (IVIE) has carried out several studies about
the socioeconomic impact of universities at regional and national level1. The studies cover both individual
- impact of a specific university in its local/regional environment - and regional or national approaches -
impact of regional or national higher education systems -. The current article aims to present this methodology to potential interested parties in Latin America, with the idea of developing future international projects in this topic.


Roberto Escarre    
Universidad de Alicante


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