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Internationalization at home: A comparative case study on students’ perception of intercultural competence

In an attempt to meet the demands of a diverse and globalized world, with a job market that now dictates that students must leave university with global/intercultural competencies, a university in the south of Brazil has adopted Internationalization at Home (IaH) as a key strategy for implementing its internationalization policy. In addition to focusing on the internationalization of curriculum-IoC (Leaske, 2015), the university offers its domestic and international undergraduate students, a significant number of disciplines taught in English. This is done an attempt to overcome language barrier and provide domestic students, who cannot experience living abroad, with the opportunity to share ideas in an international multicultural classroom. The aim of this work is to compare the perceptions of students who attended to the same disciplines, either in English or in Portuguese, insofar as their level of intercultural competence (Deadorff, 2006) is regarded. Audio interviews consisting of open-ended questions will be used in order to categorize and analyze perceptions expressed by both groups of students.


Maria Elizabeth da Costa Gama    

Cynthia Christine Ebert    


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