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The role of leadership in creating synergies to support an institutional COIL initaitive

DePaul University developed and implemented an institution-wide COIL initiative, the Global Learning Experience (GLE) project, leveraging innovative institutional structural synergies and a formalized faculty development program. This presentation will first give an overview of the institutional structural model and the role of institutional leadership that facilitated the launch of our COIL initiative; it will then offer a description of our structured faculty development model, and will conclude with a few examples of COIL projects implemented between DePaul and various international partner schools. The tentative timeline for the session would be:
o 10 min Institutional structures and leadership role to support COIL/GLE at DePaul
o 10 min Faculty development program
o 5-7 min COIL/GLE examples
o 10 min Q&A
Institution-wide COIL initiatives usually involve three very distinct areas of higher education institutions: the international office, the online learning division, and the faculty driven bodies charged with internationalizing the curriculum. The presentation will highlight how, at DePaul University, these various components have been brought together in an innovative structural model that leverages effective innovative reporting lines and collaborative strategies. The role of institutional leadership will be highlighted. After introducing COIL/GLE at DePaul University, an overview of the structured faculty development model will be presented, followed by a few concrete COIL/GLE examples. First, a collaboration with Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland in the area of Sound Design involving students from each university creating, exchanging and reflecting on sound scapes from both the target city and their local city environments. Second, a collaboration with Universita’ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy in the area of Foreign Language learning (Italian and ESL) with focus on immigration and migration topics, involving a scaffolded learning experience of analyzing different input sources (text, movies) and writing reflections in the target language which were edited/exchanged with the partner students. And lastly, a collaboration with the University of Dubrovnik in the area of Political Science and Comparative Democracy, involving a series of synchronous meetings in which students compare/contrast various topics of democracy and dictatorship. A time for questions and answers will be provided at the end of the presentation.


Gianmario Besana    
DePaul University
United States


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