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Portuguese language for foreigners: instruction and host language

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Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica de Minas Gerais - CEFET-MG has been developing internationalization policies for students and teachers mobility through agreements signed with partner institutions of several countries. In line with this target, the Secretariat of International Relations (SRI) seeks to strengthen and expand the partnerships and further establish a direct relationship between internationalization and diffusion of the Portuguese language, as well as formation of multilingual Campi, prioritizing the teaching of Portuguese as an international language. In response to a request from the Ministry of Education – MEC, SRI together with the course of Letters and with the group of the Núcleo de Pesquisas em Linguagens e Tecnologia (INFORTEC), started offering a regular course of Portuguese as a Foreign Language – PLE, in 2017, which is a project of scientific initiation and of master's degree research at CEFET-MG. PLE course addresses an intercultural view of Portuguese language teaching and learning, underlies aspects related to the standard language, its variations and the culture that is expressed and experienced by foreign students through language learning.This abstract specifically presents the structure of the PLE Course offered to students from countries such as Ghana, Haiti, Honduras, Morocco and the Republic of Congo; english, french and spanish speakers selected by the Programa de Estudentes-Convênio de Graduação – PEC-G, who will remain at CEFET-MG from February to October 2017. We approach the experience of learning Portuguese as a foreign language and the importance of specific host activities with a view to better learning, greater integration and consequent approval of these students in the test of Celpebras.

Keywords: Internationalization. Foreign students - PEC-G. Host language


Marlúcia Alves    

Junia Cruz    


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