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Foreign student registry in Brazil: good hosting and assistance practices

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The internationalization of Brazilian Higher Education Institutions (HEI) undergoes a series of challenges until reaching a stage of stable growth. Among the processes for the internationalization of a HEI, the hosting of international visitors for the exchange of in loco experiences, and development of joint studies and research are very important. There are, however, many details that must be verified in order to guarantee the safety of the international visitor, such as the procedures with the Federal Police (FP).

One of the difficulties faced by the majority of International Counseling of the HEIs is the lack of knowledge of the processes and even usual nomenclatures of the Foreigner Sector of the FP. In addition, we frequently face the difficulty the foreigner presents regarding the correct type of procedure that must be scheduled at the FP and the documents that must be presented.

It is because of this that, this year, the employees at the Office for International Affairs of the Universidade Federal de Lavras (UFLA) have undergone training at the Foreigner sector of the FP, in Varginha, MG. The employees accompanied the procedures conducted daily at this sector concerning the registration of Foreigners. The most frequent case at UFLA are related to student visa (temporary visa IV) and, therefore, this was the focus of the training.

The need to guide our foreign students regarding the importance of requesting the first registration and posterior visa renewals, in advance, was evident. This is due to the fact that every foreigner that enters the country with the form for visa request (whichever nature the visa corresponds to, along with the period of stay in the country) must check in and register at the FP office closer to the location of the student´s stay, within 30 consecutive days.

During this training, it was possible to observe the procedures and list of necessary documents for registration and visa extension. These are the two main procedures which the foreign students associated to Brazilian HEIs must undergo. This type of training is important not only to clarify the procedures and aid our international visitors, but also to further develop the ties between the HEIs and the Foreigner Sector of the FP, in order to actively collaborate in maintaining the legality and safety of our international visitor/student.


Antonio Chalfun Júnior    
Universidade Federal de Lavras

Noelly Alves Lopes    
Universidade Federal de Lavras

Joyce de Almeida Alves    
Universidade Federal de Lavras


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