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Shared research for a common platform of cooperation and trade between Europe and Latin America

STI, Science, Technology and Innovation, are generally deemed to play a key role for both public and private bodies to increase or maintain their competitiveness on the market, yet when it comes to funding and budget allocation, reality may not always match expectations.

The global financial crisis 2007-2008 resulted in investment instability worldwide, impacting global education and research implementation policies differently : some nations cut funds dramatically, whereas some others strongly invested in research in the attempt to boost competitiveness. European Union’s member states are part of the so-called “developed countries” that are facing the challenge posed by the new emerging economies, while Latin America in general is engaged in the double effort of reducing social inequality and increasing its competitiveness in the global market.

Research, Higher Education and Technology are expected to grow in Latin America, their impact should go beyond the continental borders, and Italy, beside bilateral cooperation, represents an important hub to cooperate within the EU.

The role that science policies could play in enforcing EU-LA cooperation, and how internationalization can help to define the actors in research and development, and foster technological transfer and standardization that could contribute to a common platform of cooperation and trade will be the focus of this presentation.

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Domenico De Martinis    
Ministry of Education and Research, Italy


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