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Examples of Internationalization of Research in University College Cork, Ireland, through partnership development and mobility programmes with Latin America

University College Cork (UCC), Ireland, has developed sustainable partnerships with Latin American HEIs through the internationalization of research in various disciplines and mobility programmes such as the Brazilian Science without Borders programme and Erasmus + Programmes, including AMIDILA (Academic Mobility for the Inclusive Development of Latin America); HICA (Harmonisation and Innovation in Central American HE Curricula) to develop a framework for Quality Assurance for Central American HEIs and national agencies and regional associations involving 27 Central American partners, and the International Credit Mobility programme.
UCC’s strategic plan aims to enhance internationalisation by strengthening partnerships with universities and organisations of similar vision and by embedding a global perspective in all activities and to foster Internationalization of Research and the development of sustainable partnerships.
The presentation will include examples of active research in Social Sciences with Brazil, Argentina, Cuba and Paraguay, including History, Marginalised and Endangered Worldviews, Women’s Studies and Latin American Studies with the Society for Irish and Latin American Studies (SILAS) and an Irish Research Council (IRC) sponsored publication exchange project that has been developed with partner universities.
The internationalization of research in Science and Technology will include developments that were born from mobility on Erasmus + programmes, such as AMIDILA, which saw students and staff undertake internships and study opportunities in Nicaragua, Argentina and Brazil while UCC welcomed staff and students from Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala and El Salvador.

The National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH) and UCC, through AMIDILA and HICA programmes established new collaborative projects to develop novel research in tropical medicine and wish to foster a long term partnership. UCC’s novel Centre for Synthetic Biology brings together strengths and joint research from Medicine and Science and includes various initiatives to foster entrepreneurship, outreach and engagement for projects in developing countries. They create novel, sustainable solutions to current health and social problems.
The Science without Borders programme in Brazil generated many positive collaborations. Over 100 Brazilian undergraduate students had the opportunity to gain work experience in research groups in UCC and in industry in various areas of science and technology. Many of these students developed final year projects for their home universities in Brazil, which have now developed into co-supervision of projects and PhD proposals between UCC and Brazilian HEIs.


Cliona Maher    
University College Cork


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