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Actions to welcome foreigners as strategy for teaching Portuguese and Brazilian Culture

The growth of current migratory movements, due to political, social or environmental instability, has intensified the presence of foreigners in Brazil in search of new opportunities. They have arrived, in majority, without mastering the Portuguese language, which may prevent their insertion in both the academic and the labor market. Based on this observation, CEFET-MG has offered Portuguese Language courses not only for exchange students, but also for foreigners arriving in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte. As a way to better prepare and qualify these courses, researchers from the Research in Languages and Technology Centre (INFORTEC), registered in the National Council of Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq)’s Research Group Directory, have been working on some fronts that include techniques of teaching, learning and assessment in foreign language proficiency for such foreigners. Based on the studies carried out at INFORTEC, several welcome actions have been outlined, making possible the development of an environment favorable to the optimization of the learners’ linguistic skills. In this communication, the types of courses offered are described, as well as the actions that fall within the broad concept of welcome. On the one hand, the profiles of the researchers working in the INFORTEC Centre are discussed and, on the other, the profiles of the audience from the teaching and the extension projects as well as the foreigners who actually attend the courses are presented. The welcome actions hitherto in progress at CEFET-MG show an expansion of the assumptions underlying the concept of what welcoming is. In this sense, the reflection proposed here seeks, at the same time, to contribute to the understanding and promotion of internationalization at home and the implications of the immersion context in the process of teaching Portuguese to Foreigners.


Jerônimo Coura-Sobrinho    

Natália Moreira Tosatti    


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