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Living Labs Brasil x Holanda: Cases de sucesso de cooperação em pesquisa aplicada utilizando o modelo triple helix

EP-Nuffic, the Dutch organization in international education, has developed a new instrument for international collaboration called Living Labs. Each Living Lab is a bilateral initiative between universities, businesses and governments targeting a specific sector. Living Lab stimulates innovation by developing competencies of people through the execution of real-life practical assignments by students, lecturers, researchers and professionals working together.
The purpose of the Living Labs between Brazil and The Netherlands is to contribute to the national and regional agendas on Biobased Economy, Smart Cities and Circular Economy both in the Netherlands and Brazil.
Goals: Dutch universities of applied sciences have the ambition to make education and research more applied, integrated and international. Brazilian universities have the ambition to improve their relevance to society (business, government) by creating a better match between supply and demand on the labour market.
With this presentation Nuffic Neso Brazil aims to share the experience on applied research based on the triple helix model in order to open a discussion about the challenge of making higher education more practice-oriented and research more applied.
LIVING LAB BIOBASED BRAZIL: In 2014, Dutch and Brazilian partners joined forces in the so-called Living Lab Biobased Brazil. This consortium consists of universities, companies and governments from both countries. The focus region in Brazil is the state of Minas Gerais
Water Technology
Agro & Food
Green Chemistry
Sustainable Environment

LIVING LAB CIRCULAR ECONOMY: Since 2014, The Netherlands and the State of Rio de Janeiro are been working together on a collaborative agenda to create a concrete strategy of circular economy. The living lab is Predicted to be launched in the 2º half of 2017
Manufacturing industry (i.e. textile)
New Business Models
LIVING LAB SMART CITIES: From 2015, a Dutch consortium led by the University of Twente (UT) is active in the Brazilian City of Curitiba in the context of Smart Cities. The collaboration focuses on joint research, project development and capacity development. The living lab is Predicted to be launched in the second half of 2017
Governance, participation ,selforgansiation
Identifying, accessing and gathering open data and provide for open access
Sustainable green mobility solutions
Other Countries
With the establishment of four Living Labs around the world, Nuffic has been promoting applied research as an instrument to better position Dutch universities of applied sciences in the Neso target countries
Korea - Creative Industry
Russia - Energy
Indonesia - Logistics


Simone Perez    
Nuffic Neso Brazil

Ellen Bijlsma    
Nuffic Neso Brazil


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