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McMaster's Model for Global Engagement

Global engagement is a response to the complex ways in which globalization has changed the in which we live. It sees the many challenges of the contemporary world – climate change, poverty, health, human rights, peace and justice – as requiring a form of global responsibility. Global engagement also speaks to the emergence of new institutional spaces through which this responsibility can be enacted. For McMaster, the emphasis on global engagement includes the recognition that, as an expression of global citizenship, global engagement involves not just a passive awareness but an “active orientation to the challenges of the world”.

As part of its vision for internationalization, McMaster is developing a Transformational Model, based on the following principles:
• Engagement with the global community and establishment of partnerships guided by integrity, reciprocity, reflexivity, sustainability and transformation
• Support of research and academic excellence through strength and selectivity in international partnerships
• Fostering of global citizenry among students, faculty and staff through institutional participation in global initiatives
• Integration of globalization in the student experience, both on campus and through international mobility

We will report on the progress made towards achieving the goals of the Transformational Model and discuss the impact on both our international partnerships and the local community.


Peter Mascher    
McMaster University


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