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Chilean strategy to promote higher education: goals, achievements and challenges of the Learn Chile country-brand

Student mobility is a necessity and a challenge for the educational systems in Chile and the world, besides being one of the services with the largest exporting potential. The OECD, on its Education at Glance 2015 report, presents that between 2005 and 2012, the number of tertiary foreign students in the world increased on a 50%, overcoming the 4 million students.

On such scenario, Latin-America rapidly moves to transform itself into an interesting destiny for student and academic mobility, a tendency that Chile looks to head through the development of a wide academic offer, together with a promotion strategy of its tertiary education on a national level.

In 2013, the higher-education country brand Learn Chile was created, to which more than 20 universities are bonded, all working together with the State. This public-private association has the advantage of creating strategic networks and achieves scale economies for the promotion and positioning of the country and its academic offer.

This initiative is financed with direct contributions of partner universities and the State. The High-Education institution members recognize the advantages of this cooperation to reach their goals regarding internationalization, all this in the middle of a competition environment, generating strategic activities focused on the promotion of services under a unified country-image.

The activities developed include the participation on the main international shows and events on our priority countries – NAFSA USA, EAIE Europe, and positioning activities in Brazil and Colombia-, highlighting the creation of hundreds of bilateral agreements between the Chilean higher education institutions and foreign universities, and the corresponding impact on the number of international students in the country; together with improving the positioning of Chile as an attractive destination to study.

During this presentation, many success cases and good practices will be shared; the ones that have allowed the strengthening of the education sector brand Learn Chile, as well as the goals and challenges to be faced during the 2017-2018 period, on which the promotion of the academic Chilean offer on Latin-America will be prioritized.


Marcos Avilez    
Learn Chile

Talia Haim    
Learn Chile


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