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o desenvolvimento do Insituto Confucius no Brasil e a funcao no intercamio educative e cultural

Confucius Institute is a non-profit organization of China to widespread its language and culture in the world. In the past 9 nine years, there is an increasing number of ICs in Brazil. Located in the Brazilian universities and with the cooperation between two universities of Brasil-China, ICs devote themselves to satisfy the local needs of Chinese study in the universities, secondary and primary schools and also the community. In fact, they do not only teach languages, but also the related traditional Chinese culture. On the basis of it, ICs are playing a more and more importante role in the educational and cultural exchanges in offering scholarships, organizing summer camp programas,CHINESE BRIDGE competitions, Educators delegations, in helping organizing and/or participating international academic conferences, in translating livros and help building think tanks.


Jianzhen Qiao    
Confucius Institute PUC-Rio


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