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Some Cases of Success in the Internationalization of Higher Education at Citizenship Universities in Brasil

The proposal is present the Citizenship Universities in Brasil by 2 cases of success. The first show the process of strategic partnership among three Higher Education Institutes (HEI), Feevale University (Brazil), VIA University College (Denmark) and Häme University of Applied Sciences (Finland). A strategic partnership process started in 2010 at Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK).
The Second is a case study on the representations (Fairclough, 2003 Koller, 2012) of the institutional mission, vision and values published by the 16 universities that comprise the ACAFE System will be carried out.
The ACAFE social practices determined by how these terms seem to be understood by these institutions - to be measured by questionnaires answered by their international offices representatives - may reveal not only the importance of these practices , but also the different degrees of internationalization/innovation/social engagement these citizenship institutions may have achieved.


Jose Alberto Antunes de Miranda    
Centro Universitário La Salle

Maria Elizabeth da Costa Gama    
Universidade do Vale do Itajaí - Univali

Paula Casari Cundari    
Universidade Feevale


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