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Cooperation of Polytechnic of Porto with Federal Institutes of Brazil

Since 2010 the Polytechnic of Porto (P.PORTO) has been establishing a sustainable cooperation with the Federal Institutes of Brazil.
Cooperation started with the Federal Institute of Santa Catarina (IFSC) that sent on the last years more than 100 students for the Polytechnic of Porto in the aims of their PROPICIE Programme for internships of IFSC students in R&D groups of P.PORTO. This resulted in the involvement of IFSC in two European projects in Programmes of the Seventh Framework Programme (Marie Curie actions for researchers’ mobility) and Erasmus+ (capacity building programme), both coordinated by P.PORTO, with a budget around 700 k€ each one.
Another important cooperation is being established by receiving hundreds of staff members of Federal Institutes in order to get the MSc degree. This is happening for the Federal Institutes of Triângulo Mineiro (IFTM), South of Rio Grande do Sul (IFSul), Goiás (IFG), Mato Grosso (IFMT), Farroupilha (IFFarroupilha), being in progress the cooperation with Mato Grosso do Sul (IFMS) and Rondônia (IFRO). This is being an excellent opportunity for the interaction of the Professors and the students, due to the students’ experience in the real-world practice, and for the connection due to co-supervision MSc Dissertations as well.
Other forms of cooperation are running, like a MSc double-degree signed between P.PORTO and the Federal Institute of São Paulo (IFSP), and a short course in eLearning Technologies organized by P.PORTO and running in Aracaju, in the Federal Institute of Sergipe.
Due to the success of the cooperation with IFSC, P.PORTO is receiving dozens of students for internships in the R&D groups, eg. from IFRO, and two other Federal Institutes from Minas Gerais state (IFSudesteMG and IFMG).
In 2013 P.PORTO sign a MOU with the Federal Institutes Rectors’ Council (CONIF). By means of CONIF, cooperation of P.PORTO with the Ministry of Education (MEC), and some important structures like CAPES, CNPQ, and INEP is taking place and a different level of cooperation is being achieved.
The view of cooperation between P.PORTO and Federal Institutes is a transversal view, in which cooperation is not reduced to the mobility of students, but something involving the overall institutions as a whole.


Carlos Ramos    
Polytechnic of Porto


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