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How can Brazil innovate and grow on the International Market learning from New Zealand experience .

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Rethinking Internationalization - Brazil is already an international study destination but how can we learn from New Zealand experience .

This presentation explores how innovation and technology can be used to reach international students. Traditional marketing techniques often fail to differentiate one program or institution from another. During this seminar we will present case studies to see how some education institutions are standing out from the noise and getting themselves noticed in a positive way.

We will discuss: is the academic excellence enough to attract international students? how to provide the type of information the students are looking for? Can we guarantee the cultural diversity ?

More than 10% of the University students in New Zealand are international . Why do international students from around the world leave their countries to get their higher education in New Zealand ? What did New Zealand do to internationalize its higher education in 30 years? How can such a small country on the map be so big on the international education field .
We will talk about the importance of the universities to work together to promote Brazil as a study destination.


Karin Florez    

Ana Maria Azevedo    
Education New Zealand
New Zealand


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