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The Impact of Erasmus Mundus Partnership Projects on Brasilian Universities and the Way Forward

The workshop aims at presenting the results of the Erasmus Mundus EMA2 projects, considering the socio-economic contribution in 3rd country-Brazil. Co-coordinators of EMA2 projects, USP, UNESP and UFRGS will be involved in presenting the impact of their projects.
Brasilian coordinators and partners who participated to the projects implemented in the past decade will discuss their findings on topics such as: TG-3 - vulnerable situation group, visibility of European higher education, mobility between research groups on the priority themes of the H2020 programme. At the same time, the regional impacts, lessons learned (e.g. Recognition of Studies, Internationalization of Higher Education, Impact of mobility on skills and career development, adaptation of universities from non-English speaking countries in the use language and offering subjects taught in English), sustainability and improvements will be presented.
Evidence of the sustainability opportunities offered so far by Erasmus + International Credit Mobility and Capacity Building actions will be discussed as well as other opportunities of mobilities for young researchers offered by bilateral agreements such as the recent agreement between CONFAP and Italian Universities hosting the Science without Borders students in the past years.
EACEA officers have been also invited to present the recent Survey on the Impact of Erasmus Mundus Partnership Programme.


Mattea Capelli    
Sapienza University of Rome

Moacyr Martucci Jr.    

Cecilia Matsumura    


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