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PUCRS Science and Technology Museum (MCT) - with the support of PUCRS International Office - and The Great North Museum: Hancock, managed by the British institution Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums (TWAM) - on behalf of the Newcastle University - received £ 120,000.00 from the Newton Fund, one of the most important British funds for project financing. Prof. José Luis Ferraro (Educational Coordinator of MCT-PUCRS) and Bill Griffiths (Program Manager of TWAM) coordinated the joint project entitled “The Use of Museums Scientific Collections for Teaching Evolution and Understanding of Environmental Changes from the Ecomuseological Perspective”.

PUCRS participation in this call was possible due to a previously existing partnership between the Newcastle University and PUCRS, which enabled the MCT team to easily find a British partner for the project. Such partnership started with another international joint project in 2011, in Computer Science, through which many work missions took place, creating strong bonds between the two universities. During the period 2011-2015 there was an intense interaction between PUCRS and Newcastle University: 16 visits of researchers from PUCRS to Newcastle University (including a President’s Mission), 10 visits from Newcastle researchers to PUCRS, a cooperation agreement between the two Universities (signed in 2013) and many student exchanges (at undergraduate and graduate levels).

Experience at PUCRS shows that international joint projects act as fuel to universities partnerships, generating a virtuous cycle: besides the development of the central objective of the project, the work missions also allow an approximation between several researchers of both universities, not necessarily only those involved in the project, leading to new joint projects. In this sense, MCT project was, at the same time, an indirect outcome of the 2011 Computer Science project and the source of new joint research projects in different postgraduate programs and units of PUCRS.


Regina Martins    
Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul


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