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First Brazilian Survey about internationalization of education

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For the last 5 years there were several, but not too many attempts to conduct a survey on internationalization in Brazil, analyzing it from different perspectives. All of the efforts were limited to surveys within individual Universities and were mainly conducted as the master degree researches, making the results of the surveys interesting but focused on the needs of the individual institutions.

In order to get more complete picture of the status of internationalization of HE education in Brazil, the Association of private Universities (ABMES) has conducted the 1st all-Brazilian Survey on internationalization among its members. ABMES – is the leading Brazilian Association, with more than 300 associates and serves as the voice of Private HEIs in the Ministry and public. 87.5% of all HEs in Brazil are Private. Private higher education sector in Brazil is much more than just a private business, it is a part of the National Education plan. This is the core difference from the other countries.

The 2017 survey was created on the base of the similar questionnaires, conducted by the International Association of Universities, and American Council of Education. It contained 22 questions from general to individual character.

The results of the 1st Brazilian Survey allowed, first and foremost to hear the voice of a private sector about internationalization, how they perceived the benefits of the process, what specific challenges they faced and on which activities they placed most emphasis.
Keeping in mind that Brazil has 87.5% of HEIs in private sector, its data demonstrated the general status of internationalization of education in Brazil and allowed ABMES to formulate the programming suggestions on what has to be done to improve internationalization in Higher Education institutions in the country. Similar survey needs to be conducted among public HEIs in Brazil and to compare and analyze the congruence or divergence among respondents to tackle the problem of exclusivity of education in the country.

During its presentation ABMES will share the results of the survey, making short analyses and formulate some suggestions. The survey helped creating a pool of private HEIs whose experience and developed infrastructures allowed them to lead successful international projects. Therefore, the presentation will be also interesting for the international partners for establishing cooperation networks.


Lioudmila Batourina    

Jose Diniz Janguie    
Grupo Ser Educacional

Celso Niskier    
Associação Carioca de Ensino Superior


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