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Problems of Nationalization in Teaching Natural Sciences in a Multilingual and Multicultural Classroom (withdrawn)

This paper is based on the experience of more than twenty years of teaching natural sciences, such as mathematics and physics, in Rothberg International School (RIS) for Overseas Students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. A difference in curriculum in the student native countries leads to essential difficulties in the teaching methods.
The RIS classroom consists of learners from European countries (such as France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Russia), from the American continent (USA, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia) and, on the other side, from Asia (Singapore, China, Japan, Korea), South Africa and Arabic speaking learners (Egypt, Israel Arabs), so that it is a typical multicultural and multilingual classroom. Teaching of one year high school mathematics and physics courses in such a classroom has, in addition to cognitive problems, some other unusual difficulties. They are: 1) diverse levels of teaching language knowledge (Hebrew or English, beginning from a basic level); 2) essentially different levels in physics (from those who did not learn physics at all and to former university students); 3) significantly different levels of mathematical knowledge; 4) mental and cultural differences between the learners.
All this needs innovative strategies of teaching and curriculum changing for the internalization of educational process. The author is going to share it with the conference participants.


Miron Blokh    
Hebrew University of Jerusalem


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