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My Classroom is no Ordinary Classroom

Núcleo de Convivência Menino Jesus in Sao Paulo and Video Conferencing for Global Learning in London have been working with Brazilian students (aged 16-18) and their teachers in SP to improve English proficiency levels through using video conference technology. Research was carried out in 2016 through reflective interviews with classroom teachers to further develop (and articulate) the intentionality behind their pedagogy through involvement with, and exposure to, remote English teaching which has global reach via video conference technology.

Through working with English language teachers in East London and collaborating with students and their teachers in Brazil, the research reviews ‘what makes a classroom a classroom’ and what makes learning ‘the same but different’ across these global contexts.
The methodology of the programme also details the impact on teacher development and in-service training as well as the impact of students learning through lesson content which is developed specifically through internationalising topics.

The results show accelerated learning for languages, improved motivation to learn, improved global and social outreach for students and teachers living in complex communities.

In conclusion, the research will compare data from other projects around the globe and apply them to a teacher training context for Brazilian Universities and Higher Education institutes.


Mina Patel    
Video Conferencing for Global Learning
United Kingdom

Mariana Bonotto    
Núcleo de Convivência Menino Jesus


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