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Italian Universities and academic cooperation with CONFAP: new cooperation strategy

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The Italian network of Universities continues to pursue strategies to deepen the engagement with Brazilian higher education institutions with the objective to strengthen the cooperation built during the successful participation in the Science without Borders Program. In fact, the creation of a national network of universities was a peculiarity of the Italian experience and continues to be an opportunity to share practices and to consolidate international scientific collaboration through exchanges and mobility at different levels.
The workshop will focus on the new typologies of cooperation with Brazilian HE’s thanks to the agreement signed with CONFAP and the Italian network of Universities. A specific attention will be given to similarities and differences learnt thought the mobility programme SwB on the Italian Universities and between the practices adopted in Italy and in other European countries. Moreover, it will tackle the financial issue and the possibilities to strengthen Italian and EU policy dialogue with Brazil for academic cooperation projects and activities.
The last part will focus on the impact on the Italian Universities in terms of quality of the mobility, implementation of new joint programmes in education and research, new strategic partnerships, consolidation of research groups with Brazilian institutions


Giovanna Filippini    
University of Bologna

Romina Kniaz    
University of Bologna


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