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Standardizing and Benchmarking the Internationalization of Higher Education in Brazil

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Brazil continues to play a rising key role in the global field of international education with significant investments in recent years to internationalize higher education projects such as the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program (“Ciência sem Fronteiras”). However, despite the push towards increased internationalization, Brazil’s national data collection efforts are not standardized and do not fully document the range and diversity of both academic mobility to and from the country and the internationalization of higher education institutions. Panelists from CAPES, FAUBAI, and IIE will discuss recent collaborations and efforts through the Project Atlas research initiative, and develop standardized tools/surveys that will support national efforts to gather baseline academic mobility data on which to base future decision-making in higher education, understand the real impact & value of prior and ongoing investments from stakeholders (governmental, institutional, private sector, etc) and frame policy discussions.


Renée Zicman    
Brazilian Association for International Education - FAUBAI

Connie McManus Pimentel    
Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES), Brazilian Ministry of Education

Edward Monks    
Institute of International Education (IIE)
United States


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