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Increasing collaboration through institutional partnerships and recruitment of international students

The 100K Strong in the Americas Innovation Fund seeks to increase student mobility in the Western Hemisphere. Over the past years, U.S.-Brazil mobility has taken center stage in the international education scenario. Future initiatives represent key opportunities to engage and build up on the successes from the past. The ability to recruit students internationally is key to all Higher Education Institutions.
Join this session to learn how your institution can successfully recruit international students and break down barriers that impede greater U.S.-Brazil collaboration.

This session will showcase examples of successful partnerships and models of innovation and recruitment.
Learning Objectives:

· Access a broader reservoir of models available to their institution in order to increase education abroad between their institution and the U.S. and countries of the Western Hemisphere.
· Learn how US universities do international recruiting


David Hodge    
U.S. Department of State
United States

Margaret Hug    
100,000 Strong in the Americas Initiative, Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs (WHA)
United States

Guilherme Almeida    
University of California - Riverside
United States


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