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Critical analysis of the "Ganhe o Mundo" program

Mobility programs have long been part of middle class families' habits, both in basic and higher education. Withal, in the last few years, different governmental initiatives have adhered to this trend and started investing large sums of money in sending public-school students from all social classes abroad, being Science without Borders the most comprehensive. In line with this tendency, in 2012 the state government of Pernambuco (Brazil) launched the "Win the World" Program (Programa Ganhe o Mundo). The Program, which focuses on secondary school students, has a local English and Spanish classes component (delivered by a private language institute) as well as a study abroad one, sending around 1,000 public school students to Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Spain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States. This presentation will describe the Win World Program, unveiling details about costs and alleged public benefits. We will also discuss underlying assumptions of the "language course" and study abroad models as the only successful types of approach for language learning. Finally, we will contrast costs, benefits and teacher education legacy between the Win the World and the Languages without Borders Programs.


Simone Sarmento    

Telma Gimenez    


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