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The challenges of the Internationalization of Higher Education – The Case of Universidade Pedagogica, Mozambique

Internationalization of higher education presents currently the need for higher education institutions to respond to the effects of globalization process which has renovating impacts on the central drives of these institutions. Many universities have engaged in the internationalization of higher education in order to provide the most relevant education to students and help generate the skills required in the 21st century (Hénard et al., 2012, p. 7). Nevertheless, the process of internationalization of higher education is not linear and entails a variety of challenges to the universities undertaking it.

In this context, this study presents and describes the case of Universidade Pedagogica, which despite facing challenges essentially associated with the lack of specific governmental guiding policies, funding limitations, language barriers, weak operationalization of cooperation agreements and insufficient academic community involvement, is being able to, gradually, manage this challenges and carry out actions to promote its internationalization.


Alves Manjate    
Universidade Pedagogica


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