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Cotutelles: current procedures analysis and proposition of a new model

The purpose of the presentation is to show a new model of Cotutelle Agreement that is being evaluated at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. The current model has a more personal character, which means that there is one Agreement for each student. The new model to be presented and currently under debate has a more institutional character and aims to make the administrative procedure faster and more efficient. A General Agreement will make it possible for many students to apply at the same time, making it more similar to a Regular Exchange Agreement. In order to understand the reasons for this proposition, we will make a comparison between what Cotutelle is like worldwide and at UFRJ, and between the procedures for a Student Exchange Agreement and for a Cotutelle Agreement. Finally, we will present the direct and indirect result expectations for this change and the internal challenges faced today to approve this new model.


Vinícius Martins    
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Vitor Alevato    
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro


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